time / site / body-based choreographies


sirenscrossing creates experiential, site-specific, time-based works. The movement of audiences through time and space is as important to the work and the experience as is the devised movement of ‘performers’ or the juxtaposition of events, images, words, sound and place that might occur during the course of a piece. The use of place centres on exploring and revealing the psychogeographic topography of specific urban environments.

“I am interested in the collision between the built environment of cities and the forces of the natural world. It seems to me that the human body is itself the repository and the meeting point for all the conflicts, dreams and fragments that are generated on the border between concrete and green. I am most interested in the places where the city cracks open, or is forgotten: the places where decay and dereliction open up the possibility of seeing the city in an altered light.”

Carolyn Deby, sirenscrossing

performing the urban–wild, interrupting
the everyday



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