time / site / body-based choreographies


sirenscrossing creates experiential, site-specific, time-based works with an international group of collaborators. The movement of audiences through time and space is as important to the work and the experience as is the devised movement of ‘performers’ or the juxtaposition of events, images, words, sound and place that might occur during the course of a piece. The use of place centres on exploring and revealing the psychogeographic topography of specific urbanwild environments. The work seeks to perform and reveal biological, ecological, social, and technological entanglement; shaped within a time-space field of affect, sensory inputs, and sign relations.



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In flow with and noticing a shimmer of relations in the everyday urbanwild. Porous to meaning and disruption while moving through the disregarded currents and voids of hybrid space; becoming and entangled with the more-than-human patternings of the world; highlighting the insignificant, the immaterial, the unruly, and the poetic.